Biscuits and gravy made with soy sausage

I do love cooking but I’m not really a fan of baking. Mostly because you have to be pretty precise when baking from scratch and the thing I love about cooking is the fact that you can be spontaneous with what you come up with. Hence why the below recipe is made with Pillsbury biscuits or whatever easy bake biscuits you want to make. I also try to minimize the amount of meat I consume (mostly only fish) and so these are made with soy sausage. If you must have pork sausage, you can as well but I would recommend browning the sausage first, removing from pan, and then sauteing onions and mushrooms in the grease hence not needing the tablespoon of earth balance butter. This is a great brunch meal!

Below is a recipe for 2 servings.

1/2 package Gimme Lean sausage (soy sausage)
Pillsbury Buttermilk biscuits
1/2 cup soy milk
1 tablespoon of earth balance butter
1/4 cup of chopped onions
1/2 cup of chopped mushrooms
1 teaspoon cornstarch for thickening (flour can also be used)
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Bake Pillsubury biscuits or whatever biscuits according to package. In this case, for 2 servings, make 4-6 biscuits. In a small frying pan melt butter and saute onions until tender. Add mushrooms. Crumble gimme lean sausages and saute with onions. After browned, add soy milk. Sprinkle cornstarch or flour to thicken sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste. Portion out biscuits for two servings and pour sausage gravy over biscuits.

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