Some of my kitchen appliances…

While some people like to shop for clothes, I like to shop for kitchen appliances! Below are some of my favorite appliances in no particular order:

  1. The Instant Pot – I first learned about this amazing machine when I was excited about buying a crockpot with a timer on it. A friend from grad school mentioned I should’ve invested in the instant pot instead. Months later after seeing multiple people talk about it, I had to get one. I intentionally bought a cheaper version because I said to myself “I don’t need to make yogurt, why would I pay more for that function?!” About a year later after then seeing multiple people making yogurt and the introduction of the mini version, a second instant pot made its way into the kitchen. I must say, the yogurt is by far the best yogurt I’ve had in my life!
  2. NutriBullet – I pretty much use the NutriBullet at least five days a week for either smoothies or bulletproof coffee. My first one died after about four years and so this is my second one that is a more advanced version with better power. The only appliance that would replace my NutriBullet is a Vitamix and I won’t be rocking one of those unless winning some cash was in my near future.
  3. Popcorn Popper – There is no real comparison between microwave popcorn (it sucks!) and fresh air popped popcorn (delicious!). If you’re unsure about that statement, get you one of these. Pop your own popcorn with your favorite kernels, pour your own butter or ghee on top, and let the comparison begin!
  4. Stick Hand Blender – If you need to blend soup ingredients together or make homemade mayonnaise, the stick hand blender is for you! It’s much easier to blend soup ingredients with this versus pouring everything into a blender and worrying about things being too hot. It’s also difficult to make mayonnaise any other way as you need something that can blend while you can also pour and sometimes a regular blender is too big. While this isn’t used on a regular basis, it’s definitely one of my favorite appliances.
  5. Air Fryer – I’m still listing this as one of my appliances even though I was underwhelmed by it. The air fryer is a cool concept where you can fry things with a little to no oil and it actually comes out crispy and tasty. I’ve only done vegetables or potatoes and haven’t tried things like chicken wings but will in the future. I recently joined an air fryer Facebook group to help me in trying new recipes and meals.
  6. Juicer – This is my second juicer affectionately known as Beyoncé Breville and I bought it about 5 years ago when my Jack Lalanne died. I remember when I bought this because it was after the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The man in the documentary spent months just drinking juice and used a Breville juicer. Once I did my homework and learned all about the Breville line, I knew it was time for an upgrade (Get it? Upgrade you…Beyoncé).

What are some of your day to day kitchen appliances? What are ones you have on your wish list?

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