Air fryer chicken wings…

One of my goals for this year is to fall in love with my air fryer. When I first purchased it and tried to make fries, I felt like they were a little soggy and underwhelming. It was as though I was expected deep fried battered goodness but that was a little unrealistic. I was also looking for fast cooking but that wasn’t the case. At that point it seemed like a waste of funds but after seeing so many people get them for the holidays, I wanted to give it another try. Today I made chicken wings and they were amazing! I never fry them but I often bake/broil them and the air fryer method was about TEN TIMES better!

  • 1 pack of Trader Joe’s chicken wings
  • Any seasonings you want!
  • 1/4 ounce of Frank’s Red Hot

When I buy wings from Trader Joe’s, I buy the full ones and then cut them in half to have a drumstick and then a wing. I find this to be the most economical way of purchasing them.

After cutting in half, put the wings in a ziplock bag and season. Today I used salt, paprika, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, and special ingredient ground ginger. I then added the Frank’s Red Hot and marinated the wings in the bag for a few hours.

I then preheated the air fryer for 10 minutes at 350 degrees and then added the wings to the basket.

I set the timer for 25 minutes and at 15 minutes I checked on them and flipped them over. At that point they were pretty crispy looking and I was amazed by how well they were turning out. I put back in for the remaining 10 minute and that resulted in amazing buffalo wings!

I couldn’t believe how well these turned out. I actually had a batch going that I was baking in the oven to do a comparison and realized at the 15 minute point the air fried wings were going to be a lot better so I put the remainder of the wings in there instead! All in all, I might be one step closer to loving my air fryer.

What should I cook next in the air fryer?

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